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We develop and publish ten popular and highly rated apps on Roku.

Here are a few of the reasons why you'll want to run your next video ad campaign on our properties:

Save money

Buying direct saves you money by removing the multiple layers of reseller markups.

Our rate for a 30 second ad, on premium properties, is just $14 cpm.

Quality views

Our ad breaks are never more than 30 seconds so your ad won't get lost in the middle of an ad group or get unseen as viewers run to the fridge.

In addition, most of our apps are classic games where the viewer is very engaged. Your ad will get their full attention.

Valuable insights

What hours and days of the week perform better? Which creatives do viewers prefer? What targeting limits work best? We make it very easy to conduct and compare parallel campaigns (A/B testing) which gets you the valuable insights you need to optimize your larger campaigns.

Honest & responsive

As you may have heard, not all players in the CTV market are. That's a major reason why we wanted to work directly with our advertisers. If you have a question or concern, you'll be talking to the boss. We want to build a long term relationship. We do that by earning your business every day.

Ready to let us earn your business?

Your campaign could be running today!

PC-Magic Software LLC