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How many impressions can we expect?

We're currently running ads in seven apps and together they're making 2-3 million ad requests a month. As we don't run more than three clients at once each advertiser will probably see between 20k and 80k ad requests daily depending on traffic and how many clients are running ads. How many of those ad requests get filled may depend on the user limits you set.

You can, of course, limit how many impressions your campaign receives each day.

For some businesses 20-80k daily impressions will more than meet their CTV advertising needs. For others, not so much. For the latter I would still encourage you to give us a try as you won't beat our value and you'll find our data insights may be valuable for optimizing your larger campaigns.

What does your audience look like?

We don't track any information from our users except a unique ID Roku creates that we use for ad limiting. However Roku provides a bit of information that we can share. For Weather4us (the app with the most installs), nearly 40% of our audience makes over $75k.

How do we set up a campaign?

It should be obvious once you create an account and enter the client portal. However, if you have any questions please contact

Can we choose which of your properties our ads run on?

Sorry no. To increase volume we bundle all 7 of our ad-requesting apps together. The apps currently running ads are Weather4us, Solitaire4us, Sudoku Deluxe, Earth Live!, Backgammon Live!, Chess Live!, and CamsOnTV

What sort of data will my campaigns produce?

When you enter the portal you'll see graphs of impressions and vu-thru rates over time displayed for each active campaign as well as the campaign's overall vu-thru rate

You'll also see day of the week performance and hourly performance for each campaign. Active A/B campaigns will have data for both campaigns displayed on the same graph.

You can also display any previous campaign metrics with any other campaign(s) on a single graph making it easy to compare.

Can we geo-target our ads?

You decide which countries display your ads from US, CA, GB, and AU. However, we don't have enough traffic to make more specific geo-targeting useful. It should be noted that we get the country code from Roku which is the country associated with the user's Roku account. so it's possible the user could create an account in a different country from where they reside.

Please contact for any other questions or comments.